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Places to go, things to do, people to meet. Beautiful scenery, peaceful, perfect for nature lovers, adventurers and those looking to relax and re-charge.

Cave house guest house Sierra Cazorla

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10 minutes by car

For a great fun day out, there is Negratin Lake which boasts being the largest of its kind in Andalusia, the surrounding landscape to this huge oasis is simply spectacular with its semi desert setting and many gullies. On the lake is ‘El Negratin Club Nautico (sailing club), where there are many water sports you can participate in – including sailing, canoeing and padel boarding



River walk

A lovely 1hr 30mins circular walk that must have it all. It includes a dramatic, deep gorge, a tunnel, olive groves, fantastic views from the highest point in the village of Castril and a stroll through its quaint streets. This walking route is short, easy and spectacular. It is a walk that all ages can enjoy. The path mainly runs along a wooden footbridge over the Río Castril, a suspension bridge and a tunnel. 

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Spectacular Canyons and Mountain walks

To suit a variety of levels

Within the protected area of Sierra del Pozo, numerous streams and rivers are born. One of the most magical is the Guazalamanco stream with small cascades, crystal clear pools and beautiful waterfalls.  An enchanting paradise in which to admire the green glades, tall pine trees and plant life. Beware the water is shockingly cold, but great to lower the body temperature in the heat of the summer.

It’s one of the loveliest places to walk, the track is good and the landscape is beautiful. There’s a fabulous observation deck Mirador Guazalamanco which overlooks the rocky walls and sheltered forest.




Internationally revered for its lavish Alhambra palace, and enshrined in medieval history as the last stronghold of the Moors in Western Europe, Granada is the darker, more complicated cousin of sunny, exuberant Seville. Humming with a feisty cosmopolitanism and awash with riddles, question marks, contradictions and myths, this is a place to put down your guidebook and let your intuition lead the way. (Taken from lonely planet)

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